REVIEW: Chorale, singers create beautiful harmony with orchestra

“The ProMusica Chamber Orchestra has no problem going it alone.

From its stirring strings to emphatic brass, the orchestra conveys a range of emotions through its member musicians.

Sometimes, however, creative company is welcome.

On Saturday at the Southern Theatre, the orchestra teamed with four solo vocalists and the 36-member LancasterChorale for two masterpieces of ache and agony — one canonical (Mozart’s “Requiem”), the other contemporary (Osvaldo Golijov’s “Three Songs for Soprano and String Orchestra”).

A second performance is set for Sunday night.

The program began on a familial note when conductor David Danzmayr, joined by his wife, soprano Kathrin Danzmayr, took the stage for the Golijov songs.

In a haunting mood-setter, the first song, the Yiddish music-influenced “Night of the Flying Horses,” began with the soprano singing a cappella. She was soon joined by the orchestra, which ultimately carried the load in fine, fiery fashion.”

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