NAKED CLASSICS: Mozart — Journey of a Genius

Paul Rissmann, presenter & host
David Danzmayr, conductor

Mozart wrote his first symphony at the wondrous age of eight years old, and his last symphony at the age of 32. Paul Rissmann plots the fascinating development of a child prodigy to an adult genius.

MOZART – Symphony No. 1
MOZART – Symphony No. 41, “Jupiter”


NAKED CLASSICS is a different kind of concert experience — masterpieces get undressed and deconstructed by presenter and host Paul Rissmann. Through graphics, live excerpts, and chats with our musicians, we’ll uncover some of the secrets in the score, while exploring the composer’s life and times. At the end, you’ll hear the works performed in their entirety, offering a new perspective of the work. NAKED CLASSICS is for everyone, from frequent concert-goers to those curious about the orchestra and its repertoire, wanting to discover more.